Dal is often served as an accompaniment to a main dish. The variety of lentil used and the method of cooking varies according to region and personal taste, but typically lentils are boiled to a semi-liquid consistency, and spiced by adding vegetable oil or ghee in which spices such as cumin and coriander seeds have been fried.
Served with roti or rice and raita, dal is a nutritious meal in itself.



Sweet and sour lentil preparation.



A steamed rice-lentil preparation from gujarat.

Dal, Potato, Side Dish


Kadappa is a special type of kurma / chutney that is served as an
accompaniment to Idlis and Kal Dosas in and around Thanjore District.


Pakhtooni Dal

its a dal made of whole urad dal(black gram dal). it is kind of a variation of dal makhani. easy to cook.. but high in fat.. so beware! for those who are calorie conscious. goes well with chapaties or parathas


Methi Carrot Dal Tadka

Its a very popular dal of North Karnataka, aslo called as ‘ Muddi Palya’ in Kannada. It tastes well with any sort of rotis & chapatis