Microwave Recipes

Everybody is pressed for time these days. A microwave helps you manage your time better. Now you can cook a variety of dishes in minutes and spend more time on leisure or work or with family. We have a wonderful collection of indian recipes that can be made using a microwave.

Tips & Articles

  • Microwave Cooking Tips

    The microwave oven has almost become an essential appliance in the kitchen. Women across the globe have found microwave cooking as the best alternative to other types. Among other reasons, the good side of the microwave is that it does not emit heat and hence kitchen does not heat up, and this is a great advantage during summer months.

  • Simple Microwave Cooking Recipes

    Microwave food is very nutritious. More vitamins and minerals are retained with microwave cooking than with many other methods of cooking. Try out some of these easy-to-make Microwave recipes.