Janmashtami Recipes

“Gokulashtami” or “Krishna Jayanti” or “Janmashtami” marks the celebration of the birth of Sri Krishna. The midnight birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated in the rainy month of Shravan (July/August). Many people fast till midnight and then offer the newborn an offering of milk, curd, butter and sweets. A small cradle is setup to worship the coming of the lord to the earth to fight evil forces. Here are some dishes made on the occasion.



Peda is a Pakistani and Indian sweet, shaped like a thick cookie. The main ingredients are milk, which has been slowly cooked until it reduces to an almost solid consistency called khoya, and sugar. Cardamom seeds or pistachio nuts may sometimes be used as a garnish. The appearance of the sweets varies from a creamy white colour to a caramel colour.