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Milagu Vadai or Pepper Vadai is a very popular South Indian snack. Most commonly made during Hanuman Jayanthi as an offering to Lord Anjeneya, it …

Javvarisi Payasam (Sago Kheer / Sabudana Kheer) is a popular South Indian payasam / kheer variety made during festivals or weddings. Made with Javvarisi, milk …

Hanuman Jayanthi Recipes

Hanuman Jayanthi is a pompously celebrated festival in India. According to the Hindu Mythology and ancient texts of Ramayana, Hanuman is fond of eating fruits and sweets.

Hanuman is a revered god in India, especially for the Hindus. He is the supreme deity of power, strength, and thinking. Therefore, Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated all over the country and people distribute homemade sweets and different dishes after performing pujas in the temples.

Kheer (pasaysam) is one of the prominent sweet that is offered to Lord Hanuman on the auspicious event of his Jayanthi. It is prepared from Javvarisi which is also known by the name Sago or Sabudana in different parts of the country.

Milk and ghee are the main ingredients of this recipe and it is flavored with different nuts and spices as well. A few saffron strands are added to give it a light saffron color whereas almonds, pistachios, cashews, etc. improve the nutritive value of this Kheer.

The milk thickens slightly as the water content gets reduced due to boiling. As a result, you get to relish a perfect sweet and smooth combination. You can also prepare this recipe for other special occasions and festivals.

Another special recipe prepared by the devotees on this occasion is Milagu Vadai. It is made from a mixture of Urad dal and black peppercorns and flavored with butter and asafoetida powder.

The vadas are fried until they get crispy and golden brown in color. These delicious vadas as considered to be one of the favorite dishes of Lord Hanuman. Devotees also eat them on Saturday and Tuesday after observing a fast for their beloved god. However, you can prepare these crispy vadas on other special occasions or as an evening snack for your family.

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