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Latest Smoothies Recipes

Below you will find a complete list of Smoothies recipes including the popular and the lesser known recipes. There are a lot of different tastes when it comes to food, so it’s best to experiment with a variety of different dishes before deciding what you like best.

Latest Recipes

simple and nutritious breakfast

Chocolate and cherries are a classic combination. You can also serve this white chocolate and black cherry smoothie as a dessert, with a couple of …

Sweet, sharp, fragrant, rich and creamy

This smoothie makes a great vitamin and mineral packed breakfast in a glass.

Tropical Smoothie – Pineapple and Papaya are rich in antioxidants and contain digestive system stimulating enzymes.

Boost your immune system with this delicious and colourful smoothie.

The combination of fresh flavours makes this one of the most popular smoothies.

Smoothies Recipes

Smoothie is a blended, chilled and sweet beverage made from fresh fruit. In addition to fruit, many smoothies include crushed ice, frozen fruit, or frozen yogurt. They have a milkshake-like consistency which is thicker than slush drinks. Unlike milkshakes, they do not usually contain ice cream, but can contain milk. Smoothies are marketed to health-conscious people, and some restaurants offer add-ins such as soy milk, whey powder, green tea, herbal supplements, or nutritional supplement mixes.

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