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Cocktails Recipes

Cocktails are as much delight to the eyes as to the palate. They are flavorsome, fun, and designed to be shared. They are simply mixed drinks, usually based on one or more spirits or liqueurs and flavoured with fruit juices, syrups, spices and other mixers.

  • Ingredients: Passion Fruit Juice – 150 ml Spiced Rum – 80 ml Malibu – 20 ml Coconut Cream – 20 ml Milk – 40 ml Double Cream – 40 ml…

  • An ideal drink for special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Simple and easy to make. Ingredients: Champagne – as required Pomegranate Juice – 30 ml Pomegranate Seeds – few Ice cubes…

  • Dark rum and coffee could hide many a mysterious combination. This combination is sweet and slightly orangey, perfect for after dinner. Ingredients: Dark Rum – 2 parts Orange Curacao –…

  • For richer than iced coffee, with cream and topped with sweet passion fruit. Ingredients: Dark Rum – 2 parts Curacao – 2 parts Strong Cold Black Coffee – 6 parts…

  • Basically the same as the parent zombie, with a couple of subtle differences.

  • This is lighter and more refreshing than the original zombie, replacing the cherry brandy with grapefruit juice.

  • This exotic-looking cocktail is simplicity itself and can be varied with different fruit juices. Top with lavish amounts of fruits for a festive effect and add ginger ale to make…

  • Coconut cream is used in many cocktails, but, because it separates in the container, it will often need to be beaten or blended before using.

  • Crushed with plenty of ice, this fruity combination quickly makes an adult slush. Enjoy before it goes past its best.

  • Cachaca is also known as Brazilian firewater and is a local white rum, somewhat stronger than the regular.

  • A popular 18th century cocktail celebrating the new abundance of citrus fruits.

  • To set the scene – serve this coconut cocktail in a real coconut shell.

  • All you need with this is the sunshine, the beach and the warm sea lapping at your toes.

  • This is the version of the sidecar developed for the seemingly sedate residents of Boston.

  • Rich and pungent Jamaica rum will mix surprisingly well with the sweetness of the Tia Maria and advocaat.