Author: Anjali Anand

Vegetarian Paella
Spanish, Vegetarian

Vegetarian Paella

Paella is a traditional dish from Valencia, Spain. Being a local cuisine, it is most made with sea food that popularly includes shrimps and mussels. In our recipe, we will explore the Vegetarian Paella. Paella, a Venecian word, is derived from paelle, an Old French word referring to pan. It is […]

Paneer Khurchan
Curries and Gravies, Paneer, Vegetarian

Paneer Khurchan

Paneer Khurchan is a typical dhaba style recipe that is a standard feature in all the Punjabi style dhabas. In the typical Punjabi style, the main feature of this dish is Paneer, sauteed with capsicum and cooked in a tomato based gravy. “Khurchan“, originates from Hindi, meaning – scraping. In […]

Mediterranean Salsa in Spaghetti

Mediterranean Salsa in Spaghetti

Simple, fresh and wholesome – is what you would use to sum up this Mediterranean Salsa in Spaghetti dish. Combining the fresh ingredients most commonly used in the Mediterranean region and a touch of Italy’s favourite, spaghetti, this 30 minute dinner is absolutely refreshing. Who doesn’t like spaghetti? At the […]

Broccoli Cutlet
Broccoli, Cutlet, Diabetic, Ketogenic Diet, Snacks

Keto Broccoli Cutlet

Keto Broccoli cutlet is a healthy meal in itself. One of the most common woes of a Keto/ Paleo lifestyle is the lack in variety. Happily, many regular recipes just need a bit of tweaking to “ketofy” them. It’s just a matter of innovation and patience & viola a keto-fied […]

Keto Chocolate Muffins
Diabetic, Ketogenic Diet, Muffins

Keto Chocolate Muffin

Keto Chocolate Muffin is a heaven send for those of us following the Keto or a low carb diet. Followers of this diet avoid grains in all forms and hence any item made with regular flour or any other grain flour for that matter is completely out of question. This […]

Spinach and Paneer Crepe
Egg, International, Spinach

Spinach and Paneer Crepes

Spinach and Paneer Crepes or Pancakes is a light, fluffy and wholesome meal that contains all the right nourishment needed to keep you going. Usually pancakes or crepes are considered a morning meal, but this version of our crepe is so versatile that you can make it a meal anytime […]

Bulletproof Coffee
Coffee, Ketogenic Diet

Keto Bulletproof Coffee

Keto Bulletproof Coffee? What! Butter in your coffee! Did I hear it right? Well, if you have in some tiny way connected to the Ketogenic Diet fraternity, I’m sure would have heard people swear by this. If you haven’t, the name may either scare you or make you think of […]

Creamy Alfredoo Chicken pasta
Chicken, Italian

Creamy Alfredo Chicken Pasta

Creamy Alfredo Chicken Pasta, as the name suggests, is a pasta served with chicken cooked in smooth, buttery white sauce, known as the Alfredo sauce. Pasta lovers across the world have a special place in their hearts and tummies for the Alfredo which is made from butter and parmesan cheese. […]

Chicken Couscous
Chicken, International

Chicken Couscous

Chicken Couscous is an African originated dish. Couscous, small grain-like balls, is made from crushed broken wheat, similar to the way pasta is made. It is a staple dish across most of Northern Africa. While couscous is traditionally made from broken wheat, in a few other parts of the world, […]

Chicken Stroganoff Supreme
American, Chicken

Chicken Stroganoff Supreme

Sometimes having a fancy meal at home gives us a kick! Chicken Stroganoff Supreme is one such dish. A dish originating from 19th century Russia, Chicken Stroganoff was made with simple ingredients of chicken and sour cream, sometimes accompanied with mushrooms. Stroganoff, named after the Russian Elites Stroganov, is usually […]