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Spiced Coffee

Spiced Coffee

Coffee is, hands down, the most popular beverage across the world. With a multitude of variants like vanilla coffee, spiced coffee, the Italian espresso, coffee is not a simple brew anymore. This highly aromatic compound is extremely popular in cakes, cocktails and even ice creams. Now who doesn’t like a […]

Tomato Salsa
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Fresh Tomato Salsa

Nothing satisfies like a fresh tomato salsa in the middle of summer. Scooped up on corn chips or piled liberally on the tacos of the day, the mélange of ingredients creates an irresistible symphony of fresh flavor. With red tomatoes, green cilantro, and red onions, it is as pleasing to look at as it is to taste. Triple or quadruple this recipe at the height of the season because there’s never enough.

Macaroni Cheese (Mac and Cheese)
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Macaroni Cheese (Mac and Cheese)

Mac and Cheese (Macaroni Cheese) is a very popular and classic American dish. It is a comfort food of sorts – can be had for breakfast, lunch or as an evening snack dish. A rich and creamy dish made with just very few ingredients, it is a one pot dish […]

Apple Apricot Cake
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Apple and Apricot Cake

Apple and Apricot Cake is a simple dessert cake to make. Unlike the usual cakes, this one is a different as typically apples are used for cheesecakes and not for regular cakes. Try this one and you will be amazed at how delicious and easy this Apple Apricot cake is. […]

Sattu Maavu Laadu
Diwali, Laddu

Sattu Maavu | Multi Grain Health Mix Laddu

Sattu Maavu | Multi Grain Health Mix Laddu is a sweet made from mixed grains that is high in protein and fibre. Laadus are the simplest and go-to sweet for any occasion. No festival or happy occasion is complete without it. These days with excess of sweet and processed food […]

Pineapple Pulissery (Pineapple Mor Kulambu)
Onam, Pineapple

Pineapple Pulissery

Pineapple Pulissery (Pineapple Mor Kulambu) is a popular Kerala dish made with pineapple and curd. Served as part of Onam Sadya, this dish is best served with rice and side dish of choice. Pulissery is one of the traditional dishes made during the Onam festival and has many variations to […]

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Karanji or Karjikkai | Karjikaylu | Gujiya is a sweet dish made from maida and sooji and is stuffed with coconut or dry fruits. Similar to the modak, the combinations of the stuffing is in-numerous and left to one’s imagination. However, it typically tends to sway to the sweeter side. […]

Gluten - the Problematic Protein
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Gluten – A Problematic Protein

Gluten free diets are very popular types of diets among individuals who are very health conscious. But these days gluten, like two leading actors affair, it has become a topic of controversy. Some dietitians say that gluten is totally safe for all people apart from the ones suffering from celiac […]

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What Should You Eat When Strength Training

In the ultra modern world that we live in, every human being desires to have a fit and active lifestyle to make the most out of life. As a result of which we are able to witness massive increase in the number of fitness centers, health clubs, gyms, cross fitness […]