Author: Anu Arun

Curries and Gravies, Side Dish


This is a maharashtrian dish which is eaten with rice or chapatis. Its made up of either mixed sprouts or any one type of sprouts.

Chakli 380x250 - Fried Gram Chakli
Diwali, Murukkus and Mixtures

Fried Gram Chakli

This is a salty snack which is usually made during Diwali. It is easy to make & is a good tea time snack too. Once made, it lasts upto 8 to 10 days when stored in an airtight container.

Masala Powders

Molaga Podi

This is a powder made of dals, chillies which when added oil to it can be eaten with idlis & dosas

Poha Chivda 380x250 - Poha Chivda
Diwali, Snacks

Poha Chivda

Its a typical maharashtrian snack which is made for occasions like diwali or also for regular basis.


Pakhtooni Dal

its a dal made of whole urad dal(black gram dal). it is kind of a variation of dal makhani. easy to cook.. but high in fat.. so beware! for those who are calorie conscious. goes well with chapaties or parathas