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Do’s and Dont’s in Cooking Vegetables

by Praveen Kumar
  • As far as possible, use fresh vegetables as most vegetables lose their food value on storage.
  • Before cooking, wash vegetables thoroughly in running water two to three times to remove any pesticides or insects.
  • Avoid peeling of vegetables as most vegetables, specially potatoes, have all their nutrients just below the skin; preferably cook them with their jackets on.
  • Do not cut vegetables too small as this causes a loss of nutrients, specially minerals and water soluble nutrients.
  • Do not leave vegetables in water for too long as the nutrients get drained away.
  • Cook with minimum water and do not discard water left over after cooking. Use them in soups and gravies.
  • Avoid over-cooking of vegetables to prevent loss of nutrients. The best way to cook is steam cooking, pressure cooking or cook with just enough water.
  • In cooking vegetables, avoid use of baking soda as this also causes loss of nutrients.
  • Try to mix a number of vegetables together in cooking – a combination of vegetables is a good source of nutrients.
  • Use vegetables in their raw form, like in salads and raithas, as then the vegetables will have their nutritional value in full. Also, use sprouts whenever possible, which again gives additional nutrition.

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jyothi Mcminn September 25, 2010 - 8:58 am

Use the microwave to cook and steam your vegetable 1 cup of water. add the salt while cooking and salt is in every grain/veg.

ashok August 22, 2010 - 12:18 am

add few cumin seeds to rajma , kabuli chana soya chunks and lentils to prevent them from insects


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