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Colour Your Diet

Eating a colourful diet – with green, red, blue, white and yellow fruits and vegetables – is healthy, and can lower the risk of some cancers. But not all foods pack the same punch, says Marilyn S. Nanney, a registered dietitian at St Louis University. Add these powerhouses to your rainbow:

Health benefits: Protects immune system, vision and heart health
Old standby: Corn
But don’t forget: Mangoes, cantaloupe, oranges, musambi, carrots, papaya

Health benefits: Maintains urinary tract health; promotes memory function
Old standby: Grapes
Don’t forget: Brinjals, plums, jambu, blue or black berries.

Health benefits: Sustains memory function and urinary tract health
Old standby: Apples
Don’t forget: Tomatoes, red chillies, strawberries.

Health benefits: Maintains heart health and good cholesterol levels
Old standbys: Potatoes, onions, mushrooms
Don’t forget: Cauliflower.

Health benefits: Promotes vision, strong bones and teeth
Old standbys: Iceberg lettuce, green beans
Don’t forget: Dark lettuces, spinach, broccoli.

Credit: RD