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Some tips on making jangiris

by Vaijayanthi Srinivasan
  1. Ground batter should be very, very light – preferably ground in the grinder and not the mixi. Drop a spoonful of batter into a bowl of water, it should float and not sink.
  2. Oil for frying should be of medium heat. If oil gets a little too hot, remove kadai from the fire, then fry the jangiris on reduced heat.
  3. Jangiris should be made immediately after grinding as the batter gets sour very quickly. To keep the batter cool, put it into a bowl of water and use when required.
  4. Sugar syrup should be just right – otherwise the jangiris will not soak properly. It should be thicker than the syrup for Gulab Jamun. The syrup should be thick and sticky and should form a half-string consistency, that is, the syrup when tested between two fingers should form a string of 1/2 ” which should break immediately.
  5. If the syrup has become extra thick and has cooled off, sprinkle some water and warm up the syrup a little before immersing the jangiri.
  6. Allow the jangiri to be in the syrup till the next batch is fried. Then, remove the soaked ones onto a plate and stack them – this way, the extra sugar will drip. Put the freshly fried ones into the syrup.
  7. Jangiri should be deep-fried. Also, it should be fried just right, the colour should not change and it should not be too crisp.

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