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Sanjeev Kapoor Kitchen Tips and Advice

by Sanjeev Kapoor

1. To keep the cottage cheese soft and luscious after deep frying, dip it in lukewarm water to which a pinch of turmeric powder is added.
2. Crush vermicelli or sago and roll patties or croquettes in this powder before frying, to get a crisp crunchy cover.
3. Mint pulao will be tastier if you sauté mint leaves in a teaspoon of butter or oil before cooking with the rice.
4. Add a few drops of salt water to banana chips while frying them as this will make the chips crisper.
5. One cup of soaked poha added to five cups of rice while grinding the batter for idlis, will make them softer and lighter.
6. Use milk instead of water to knead puri dough. Puris will become soft and luscious.
7. To obtain soft and flaky paranthas add ghee instead of oil to the flour while kneading the dough.
8. To make aloo tikkis crisp add two teaspoons of roasted semolina to the potato (three to four medium sized) mixture.
9. To make creamier raitas, add a little fresh cream. It will however make the dish richer.
10. Three-fourth teaspoon of hot oil added to one cup of batter will make bhajias, fritters, pakodas etc. crisper and also prevent them from soaking up too much oil.
11. A pinch of turmeric powder and a teaspoon full of ghee added to half a cup of dal before pressure-cooking it will give it a better flavour.
12. To make good crispy bhaturas, add two teaspoons of semolina two cups of refined flour while kneading the dough.

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