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Cheesy Tomato Toast


Cheesy Tomato Toast
White Bread Slices – 2
Garlic – 1, small clove, chopped
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – 1 tblsp
Tomato – 1, large, sliced
Mozzarella Cheese – 1/3 cup, shredded
Parmesan Cheese – 2 tblsp, shredded
Lettuce – handful, chopped
Basil Leaves – 1 tblsp, chopped
Salt as per taste
Black Pepper Powder as per taste

1. Lightly toast the bread slices on both sides and keep aside.
2. Whisk the olive oil with garlic and basil in a bowl.
3. Spread this on the bread slices.
4. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the tomatoes.
5. Arrange a layer of tomatoes and lettuce on the bread slices.
6. Top up with the mozzarella and parmesan cheese.
7. Heat a tawa over medium flame.
8. Place the bread on the tawa and cover with a lid.
9. Cook until the cheese melts and remove.
10. Serve.

image credit: whatsmeganmaking.com

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