Nellikai (Gooseberry/Amla) Jam

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amla gooseberry jam - Nellikai (Gooseberry/Amla) Jam
Nellikai / Amla / Gooseberry – 20 to 25
Sugar – 250 gms

1. Boil the gooseberries and remove the seeds.
2. Finely chop them and keep aside to dry.
3. Heat a pan of water over medium flam.e
4. Add the sugar and bring to a boil.
5. When it reaches a syrupy consistency and the sugar has dissolved completely, add the chopped gooseberries.
6. Stir to mix well and continue to boil till it starts to thicken.
7. Remove and cool.
8. Transfer to a sterilized bottle and use as required.

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