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Rajma Soup



* Rajma : 1 cup
* Tomato : 2
* Small onions : ½  cup
* Chilli powder: ½ tsp
* Tomato sauce : 1 tsp
* Butter : 1 tsp
* Pepper powder : as needed
* Coriander leaves : as needed
* Salt : as needed


Soak rajma, the previous night. 
Put tomato in hot water and peel ths skin. Cook rajma and tomato with salt in 4 cups of water.
When rajma is cooked strain the water. Grind rajma in a mixie and mix it with the strained water.
Peel the small onions cut into small pieces.
Take a bowl.
Fry onions in butter. When the onions are fried, add chilli powder, soup, tomato sauce,boil for a few minutes and remove from fire.
Add pepper powder, cut coriander leaves and Serve when hot.

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