Chargrilled Potatoes with Spinach and Aioli

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  • Potatoes – 3, pink pontiac variety
  • Kipfler Potatoes – 4
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt flakes
  • Baby Spinach Leaves – 80 gms
  • Classic Aioli – 3/4 cup


  1. Scrub the pink potatoes, but leave unpeeled.
  2. Cut into 1 cm slices.
  3. Peel the kipflers and cut into 1 cm slices.
  4. Steam potatoes until almost cooked and spread on paper towels to dry.
  5. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt.
  6. Heat a ribbed pan over high heat and cook the potatoes until well branded with sear marks on both sides.
  7. While the potatoes are grilling, remove any thick stems from the spinach and spread over a platter.
  8. Whisk 2 tblsp of water into the aioli to make it smooth.
  9. Arrange the warm potatoes over the spinach and pour on the dressing.

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