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Exotic Fruit Cocktail Salad

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  • Oranges – 2
  • Passion Fruit – 2, large
  • Pineapple – 1
  • Pomegranate – 1
  • Banana – 1


  1. Cut 1 orange in half and squeeze the juice into a bowl, discarding any pips.
  2. Cut away all the peel and pith from the second orange.
  3. Carefully cut the orange segments between the membranes to obtain skinless segments of the fruit.
  4. Discard any pips.
  5. Cut the passion fruit in half, scoop the flesh into a nylon sieve and using a spoon push the pulp and juice into the bowl orange segments.
  6. Discard the pips.
  7. Cut away all the skin from the pineapple and cut the flesh lengthways into quarters.
  8. Cut away the central hard core.
  9. Cut the flesh into chunks and add to the orange and passion fruit mixture.
  10. Cover and refrigerate the fruit, if you are not serving immediately.
  11. Cut the pomegranate into quarters.
  12. Remove the seeds from the membrane.
  13. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.
  14. Do not add too early to the fruit cocktail as the seeds dis-colour the other fruit
  15. Just before serving, peel and slice the banana, add to the fruit cocktail with the pomegranate seeds and mix thoroughly.
  16. Serve immediately.

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