Oats Uthappam

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Oats Uthappam - Oats Uthappam
Oats – 2 cups
Buttermilk – 200 ml
Onion – 1, finely chopped
Tomato – 1, chopped, seeds removed
Coriander Leaves – handful, chopped
Salt as per taste

1. In a bowl soak the oats in buttermilk for a few minutes.
2. Mix gently and add the coriander leaves, onion and tomato.
3. Add salt and mix gently till a dosa batter consistency is achieved.
4. Heat a tawa over moderate heat.
5. Pour a ladleful of the batter and cover with a lid.
6. Reduce heat and cook over low heat, turning once so that both sides are cooked evenly.
7. Serve hot with chutney.

Image credit: The Chef and Her Kitchen

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