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Margarita Freeze

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If you like the taste of a margarita, you’ll love this frozen version, which has little in common with the overly sweet convenience store slushes that pass for frozen margaritas in some chain restaurants.


2 ½ cups ice
4 ounces tequila
2 ounces triple sec
3 ounces sweetened bottled lime juice


1. Combine all the ingredients in a blender.
2. Cover and pulse on and off until the mixture starts to swirl evenly.
3. Blend on high for 20 seconds, or until the drink is completely smooth.


Banana Margarita Add 2 ounces crème de banane and 1 banana, peeled, broken into pieces, and semi-frozen, before blending.
Blueberry Margarita Omit the triple sec. Add 2 ounces blue curaçao instead, and add ½ cup semi-frozen blueberries before blending.
Cinnamon Orange Margarita Add ½ cup semi-frozen orange sections and 2 ounces cinnamon schnapps before blending.
Melon Margarita Add ½ cup semi-frozen melon balls and 2 ounces melon liqueur (such as Midori) before blending.
Raspberry Margarita Add ½ cup semi-frozen raspberries and 2 ounces raspberry liqueur (such as Chambord or crème de framboise) before blending.
Strawberry Margarita Add ½ cup semi-frozen strawberries and 2 ounces strawberry liqueur (such as crème de fraise) before blending.

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