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Guava Goddess

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Fresh guava is hard to find in this country, and it’s often expensive. Luckily, canned guava nectar is as sweet and delicious as the fresh variety when you’re blending it up into a tropical treat.


2 cups ice
½ cup guava nectar
1 small peach, pitted and quartered
½ cup orange sherbet
2 ounces Southern Comfort
2 ounces vodka or orange vodka


1. Combine all the ingredients in a blender.
2. Cover and pulse on and off until the mixture starts to swirl evenly.
3. Blend on high for 20 seconds, or until the drink is completely smooth.


Guava A Go-Go – Omit the vodka and Southern Comfort. Add 2 ounces white rum and 2 ounces crème de banane before blending.

Guava ’Rita – Omit the vodka and Southern Comfort. Add 2 ounces tequila, 2 ounces triple sec, and 1 ounce sweetened bottled lime juice before blending.

Zero-Proof Variation

Guava Peach Smoothie Omit the vodka and Southern Comfort. Add ½ cup orange juice before blending.

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