Chick Pea Flour – 250 gms
Ghee – 125 gms
Khoya – 25 gms
Sugar – 125 gms
Cardamom Powder – 1 tsp
Pistachios – 5 to 6, blanched
Almonds – 5 to 6

1. Mix the chick pea flour with half ghee and sift it with a sieve.
2. Heat the rest of the ghee in a pan.
3. Add the sifted flour and fry till it is golden but not brown.
4. Reduce heat to low.
5. Add khoya and stir. Keep aside.
6. Prepare a sugar syrup of one thread consistency.
7. Mix the cardamom powder, fried besan and sugar syrup.
8. Grease a plate with little oil.
9. Pour the flour mixture on it and spread evenly.
10. Garnish with pistachios and almonds.
11. Cut into desired shapes and allow it to cool.
12. Serve when cold.

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