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Banana Pineapple Drink

Cold Milk – 1 glass
Pineapple Slice – 1, chopped, tinned
Banana – 1/2, sliced
Sugar as per taste
Ice Cubes – 2 to 3 (optional)

1. Combine all the ingredients
2. Blend in a mixer grinder for 2 minutes.
3. Serve chilled.

Health Tip:
Banana is an excellent source of potassium and calcium. It is also a fair source of B vitamins and phosphorus. Pineapple provides vitamin C. excellent combination in which banana and pineapple compliment each other with nutrients.

Nutritional Value per Serving:
Kcal/serving: 110
Carbohydrates: 26 gm
Proteins: 1.4 gms
Vitamin A: 79 mcg
Vitamin C: 8 mg
Fats: 0.3 gms
Calcium: 18 mg
Iron: 0.4 mg
Fibre: 0.4 gm

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