Egg Balls


4 egg (separate egg yolk & white)
milk 1-1/2 ltr.
sugar 1 cup
cardamom (optional)

Take a non-stick deep casserole or Kadhai
Boil milk to 3/4 of the quantity.
While the milk is boiling, beat the egg white till frothy.
When you find the milk has reached to 3/4 of the quantity add sugar, cardamom.
Take a tablespoon of egg white froth and leave it to the boiling milk, go on doing till the froth is over.
Simultaneously keep on turning the froth that has been dropped in the milk.
Now beat the egg yolk slightly and pour the same in the milk (this helps to thicken the milk).
Let this cook for 5 more minutes and then cool it down. Keep it in the freezer.
This recipe if cooked properly gives you the taste of Ras Malai.

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