Honey and Pomegranate Pancakes


Pomegrante Seeds – 1 cup
Pomegrante Juice – 1/2 cup
Musk Melon Seeds – 1/2 cup
milk – 1/2 cup
Oats Flour – 1/2 cup
Refined Flour – 1/2 cup
Lemon – 1
Melted Butter – 2 1/2 tblsp
Sugar – 1/2 tsp
Baking Powder – 3 tsp
Salt – 1/2 tsp

1. Mix juice and milk and pour in mixie jar.
2. Add melted butter, salt, sugar, baking powder, juice of 1/2 lemon and both the flours.
3. Grind and make a juicy batter.
4. Keep aside for 1 hour.
5. If the batter is thick, add juice or milk.
6. Batter should be of pouring consistency.
7. Heat the frying pan and pour 1 tsp oil or butter.
8. Shake the pan to grease the base.
9. Pour a ladle of batter over and spread.
10. Cook, turn and cook.
11. Remove from pan and place in a serving dish.
12. Mix juice of lemon with honey and spread a layer on pancake.
13. Sprinkle pomegranate seeds.
14. Serve hot or cold.

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