Keerai Thandu (Amaranth Stem) Sambar Recipe

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Amaranth Stem (Keerai Thandu) – 1 bunch
Moong Dal – 1 cup, boiled
Toor dal – 1 tsp
Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
Red Chilli – 4 to 5
Salt as per taste

Grind Together:
Bengal Gram – 1 tsp
Jeera – 1 tsp
Urad Dal – 1 tsp
Red Chilli – 3
Rice Flour – 1 tsp
Pepper – 2 tsp

1. Cut the spinach, wash and boil for a few minutes
2. Add the boiled moong dal and mix well.
3. Add the ground paste and let it simmer for a few more minutes.
4. In a tsp of oil, fry the toor dal, mustard seeds and red chilli.
5. Add it to the sambar along with salt.
6. Remove and serve hot with rice.

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