Eggless Ice Cream

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1 cup Milk
1 tbsp Corn Flour heaped
7 tbsps Sugar (heaped)
1 & 1/2 tbsp Condensed Milk
1 cup Cream (Nestle cream is also fine)
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
Few drops of Red/Yellow Colour.

Boil the milk. Mix corn flour with a little cold milk and add to the boiling milk.
Cook till slightly thick. Add sugar and condensed milk. Mix well or blend in a mixie.
When cold add cream and mix again. Add vanilla essence and few drops of food colouring. Freeze in a closed container.
Beat it up with eggbeater or in a blender after it is half set.
Freeze again.This can also be set in ice cream containers (with sticks) for kids.
There is no need to blend a second time when set in these containers.


  1. Its a good basic recipie

  2. good simple recepie

  3. NICE

  4. Too good!
    Shripad (Dad) for Yukta n Hrushikesh

  5. you dont indicate the mixing patterns in the recipe, nor do you indicate if the cream should be whipped or not. And it really doesn’t look like an ice cream with proper texture especially cos of the addition of condensed milk.

  6. Ali Mahfooz

    i got this site by googeling for lots of time and i was relieved after i got a simple site like this..thanks to the person who posted this recipie on this site and for making it so simple!!!!!!


  8. too good yaaaaaaaaaaar

  9. bakwass

  10. Krishnasi22

    Good & clearly understandable for core basic purpose, one can use added flavors on top to easily give it a different dimension of taste. Mainly its basic.

  11. not explained fully for a learner

  12. nitin sood

    easy to make delicious to eat

  13. Mathma Gandhi

    too difficult……..

    • it is not explained clearly as it is written to mix corn flour with cold milk in how much water to dissolve cornflour is not mention ? if anybody has tried it p;z make me clear

  14. bakwas…………..

  15. Never thought eggless icecream would be a sort of a recipee.

  16. Very fatty.

  17. it is very relishing specially for vegetarian people who like to make ice cream at home

  18. very yummmy

  19. Khushman, That’s so disrespectful. This is a vegetarian alternative to ice-cream. Gelatin is a non-vegetarian animal product. Corn Flour is clearly a sensible alternative.

  20. good

  21. Khushman Tamboli

    Good, but wish gelatin was used instead of Corn flower,

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