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Fish Fillets Flavoured with Mustard


Fish Fillets – 600 gms
Mustard Paste – 1 tbsp
Red Chillies – 2 tsp, crushed
Salt to taste
Tomato Paste – 5 tsp
Lemon Juice – 2 tbsp
Onions – 2, chopped
Garlic Cloves – 6, chopped
Oil – 4 tbsp

1. Mix together the mustard paste, red chillies, salt, tomato paste and lemon juice.
2. Marinate the fish fillets in this mixture for 2 hours.
3. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan, saute onions and garlic until transparent.
4. Gently place the fillets in the pan and cook, turning frequently, so that both the sides are evenly browned.
5. Pour the remaining marinade along with half a cup of water over the fillets.
6. Cover the pan and simmer for 10 minutes.
7. Remove and serve hot, garnished with chopped coriander.

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