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Veggi Roti

by Praveen Kumar

Rice flour – 2 cups
Finely grated vegetables – carrot, choyote, cucumber,bell pepper
and onion, one each
Jeera – 1/2 tsp
Green chillies – finely chopped
Coriander and curry leaves – finely chopped
1/2 cup fresh coconut -finely grated (optional)
Salt according to taste
Oil or fat-free cooking spray
Note: Quantity of rice flour and vegetables depends on number of eaters.
Quantity of green chillies depends on tolerance of taste buds.

Mix the grated vegetables, jeera, green chillies and the curry /coriander leaves in a
large bowl.
Add rice flour and salt to this mixture till it becomes a soft dough.
You can add a little water if it isn’t soft enough, but usually the juices from the grated
vegetables will be enough to form the dough.
Knead the dough a little bit to mix properly and shape it into small balls. Spray a non-stick pan with some cooking spray or coat it with a few drops of oil.
Place one small ball on the pan and slowly press it into a round-shaped “rotti”.
This rotti should be thin like a chapati. Make a few holes on the rotti with your index finger. (I really don’t know the need for this, but the rotti looks pretty delicious this way!)
Place this pan on the stove under medium heat.
When the rotti gets cooked (it changes color from white to golden brown), turn it over with a non-stick handle.
This part is a bit tricky because the rotti will stick to the pan if the non-stick has worn off or there isn’t enough oil coated on the pan.
Remove the rotti from the pan, serve hot with pickle, chutney, sugar or spicy powder and butter/ghee.
Have a few non-stick pans ready so that you don’t have to wait till this pan cools down.

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