Strawberry Sandesh Recipe

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Fresh paneer: 500 gm
Powdered sugar: 7-8 tbsp
Strawberry crush: 4 tbsp
Strawberry essence: 2 drops
Pink colouring: a few drops
Strawberries, chopped: 2 cups
Sugar: 1 cup Silver foil

1. Mix the paneer and the powdered sugar.
2. Add the strawberry crush, essence and pink colour.
3. Knead well until light and fluffy.
4. Mix the strawberry pieces and sugar.
5. Leave it to soak for 4-6 hours.
6. Drain excess water.
7. Divide the paneer mixture into 2 portions.
8. Spread 1 portion on a flat dish.
9. Make it a smooth surface with your hands.
10. Sprinkle the strawberry pieces over it.
11. Cover with the other portion evenly.
12. Cover with silver foil.
13. Chill it.
14. Cut into squares and serve.

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