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Apple, Banana, Carrot and Orange Smoothie

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Sweet apple – 1 large
Banana – 1 ripe
Carrot – 1 large
Orange – 1
Dates – 3, pitted
Raw flax seeds – 1 tbsp, whole
Ice cubes – 1 cup

1. Wash and quarter the apple.
2. Remove the core from each quarter.
3. Peel the banana and carrot and cut them into pieces.
4. Also peel and deseed the orange.
5. Put all fruits into a blender.
6. Add the dates, flax seeds and the ice.
7. Now blend at high speed until a smooth consistency is achieved. Add some cold water and churn in case the mixture is too thick.
8. Serve in a tall pre-chilled glass.

Tip: This smoothie is best if prepapred with equal volumes of the fruits.

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