Punjabi Carrot Pickle Recipe

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3 medium carrots peeled
1 medium cauliflower stalks removed
1/2 cup salt
1/4 cup red chilli powder
1 tbsp. turmeric
1 cup vinegar
1 cup jaggery grated

Cut carrots lengthwise into four, or six, if very thick. Cut lengths into 1 1/2 inch stubs. Keep aside.
Separate cauliflower florets. Break to halves if very big. They should match size of carrot pieces.
Add chilli, salt, turmeric. Toss well. Transfer to a clean dry bowl, Keep in sun for 4 days.
Heat vinegar till warm. Add jaggery, stir. Heat further till vinegar is very hot, and jaggery has melted.
Cool to room temperature. Add to sunned vegetables. Transfer to a clean dry pickle jar, close lid tightly.
Marinate in a warm dark place for 5-6 days.
Turn well with a spoon;
Serve with chappathis, rice or just about anything.

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One thought on “Punjabi Carrot Pickle

  1. teena said on February 21, 2010 at 5:02 am

    it is good I will Try this

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