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Wontons with Cream

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To make won ton skins
1 egg
6 tbsp water
3 cups refined flour
For filling
1/2 cup coarsely chopped walnuts
1/2 cup mashed dates
1 tbsp orange juice

Castor sugar

1. Mix together egg, flour and water to form a stiff dough.
2. Cover with damp cloth and set aside for ½ an hour.
3. Roll out the dough into a thin square and cut into neat squares 3 inches x 3 inches.
4. Mix the filling ingredients together.
5. Place 3/4th teaspoon of the mixture in the centre of each skin.
6. Bring opposite corners together in fold.
7. Seal by dotting bottom edge with water and pinching together firmly.
8. Fold other two corners towards each other.
9. Deep fry till light golden and crisp.
10. Drain and roll in castor sugar.
11. Serve hot with cream.

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