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Pickled Ginger

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200 gms. cauliflower
50 gms. cluster beans
50 gms. french beans
50 gms. gherkins
50 gms. carrots
10 gms. ginger
10 gms. fresh turmeric
15 fresh firm green chillies

Slice ginger and turmeric into thin slivers.
Put in a glass jar, peppercorns.
Sprinkle 1/4 cup salt, shake, keep aside.
Keep for 36 hours, shaking a few times in between.
Darin out liquid, wash under running water.
Drain completely, spread over a clean kitchen cloth.
Dab out excess moisture, return to a sterile jar.
Extract juice of lemons, using all dry equipment.
Sprinkle salt over contents of jar.
Add strained lemon juice, shake.
Keep aside, shaking every 24 hours.
Pickle will tenderize in 3-4 days.
Need not be refrigerated, if properly handled.

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