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Pickled Mixed Vegetables


200 gms. cauliflower
50 gms. cluster beans
50 gms. french beans
50 gms. gherkins
50 gms. carrots
10 gms. ginger
10 gms. fresh turmeric
15 fresh firm green chillies

Wash, wipe, and slice cauliflower, carrots, gherkins into desired pieces.
Leave cluster , chillies whole, separated.
Slice ginger, turmeric into thin slivers.
Do not make pieces too small or they will get mushy on pickling.
Soak them in wet brine for 10-12 hours or overnight.
Drain and wash thoroughly under cold running water.
Drain completely, dab with kitchen cloth if necessary.
Pack tight layers, vegetable by vegetable into sterile jar, without leaving spaces.
Dissolve sugar into vinegar while still hot.
Pour vinegar to cover them.

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