Sujir Payesh Recipe

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Vermicelli – 1 cup, broken into small pieces.
Badam – 2 cups
Pistachio – 1/4 cup, unsalted, blanched and slivered
Almonds – 1/3 cup, sliced
Rose water – 1/2 tbsp
Silver paper (varak) – for decoration
Sugar – 1/2 cup

1. Take a heavy bottomed non stick pan and heat the ghee in it over medium flame. Put the vermicelli to the heated ghee. Stir continously and fry till it turns golden brown in color.
2. Now add to it, sugar, almonds and pistachio. Pour the milk and keep stirring. Bring it to a boil.
3. Simmer the blend for about 20 minutes. Wait for the milk to get slightly condensed.
4. Now cool to room temperature. Sprinkle rose water and refrigerate for quite some time.
5. Stir properly and then serve the vermicelli pudding in separate bowls.

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