Hot & Tasty Dal

Dal 2 comments

toor daal – 1 cup
potato – 1
tomato – 1
curry leaves (optional)
black pepper powder – 1 or 2 teaspoons
seasoning (oil, mustard seed, cummin seeds)

Wash and peel the potato.
Cut the potato and the tomato into pieces.
Then add them to the daal along with the curry leaves, black pepper and pressure cook it.
After it is done, take out from the cooker, add salt and the seasoning.
Serve with plain rice.


  1. i feel not dat to tasty

  2. awesomecan

    To this recipe I added :
    Turmeric,asafoetida,little amount of sugar and kokam in the seasoning.
    It tasted good.
    I didn’t add potato.
    I forgot to add tomato in the pressure cooker along with the daal,but still it tasted good.

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