Brinjal Chutney

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A different variety of chutney with brinjals for idli, dosa or chapati.

brinjal chutney - Brinjal Chutney
Image via Youtube. Image is for illustration only and not that of the actual recipe.

Brinjals – 4, large ones or 7, medium ones
Green Chillies – 4 to 5
Sambar Onions (Shallots) – 20 to 22
Curry Leaves – handful
Coriander Leaves – large handful
Tamarind – little, seedless
Salt as per taste

1. Roast the brinjals over an open flame until the skin is charred.
2. Allow it to cool and remove the skin.
3. Grind the green chillies, onions, curry leaves, coriander leaves, salt and tamarind to a smooth paste.
4. Add the flesh of the brinjals and grind to a smooth (or a semi-coarse) chutney.
5. Remove and serve with idli or dosa.

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  1. Sheila Armstrong

    This is amazing so easy to make be warned all that have tasted asked me to make them some. the flavours are awesome Thanks for the recipe.

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