Soyabean Dosa Recipe

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soyabean – soaked in water for 8 hours,
followed by sprouting which increases their vitamin e content.
rice flour-1-2 tsp, to increase the spreadability, optional.

Grind the soyabeans in a grinder, with ginger, salt and chillies to taste.
Add water till the consistency is of idli-atta.
Heat the coated pan. Pour soya mixture on the hot pan, about 2 large spoonful. Spread
with a spoon. Cover. Cook for 2 min, on medium heat.
Invert and cook other side, without cover.
Your soya dosa is ready!

Adding Onions, Tomatoes, Grated Carrots, Grated Radish, Cumin seeds make the dosa
more delicious. Oil can be sprayed on pan while cooking, but is not a must.

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