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200 grams urad dal
700 grams khoya
1 1/2 litres milk
1/2 kg sugar
1 tbsp cardamom powder
100 grams mixed fried nuts
1/2 tsp essence of rose
fresh rose petals
50 grams raisins
some ghee

1. Boil milk till it is reduced to half its original quantity.
2. Prepare a thick syrup with sugar and 1 glass water.
3. Soak dal whole night in water.
4. Next morning drain and grind to a paste.
5. Put the dal, khoya and cardamoms on slow fire and cool till thick.
6. Remove from fire, cool and form into round balls and add raisins around.
7. Deep fry to a golden colour.
8. Drain and toss into the syrup.
9. After about 15 minutes, mix the milk into the badas being careful not to break them.
10. Sprinkle essence, nuts and petals and serve cold.

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