Noodles Au Gratin Recipe

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Butter- 3 Tbsp
Beans- ½ Bowl
Peas- ½ Bowl
Cauliflower- 8 To 10 Flowers
Whole Wheat Noodles- 100 Gms
Noodles Masala- 2 Tsp
White Flour- 3 Tbsp
Milk- 1 Bowl 
Salt- to Taste
Black Pepper- To Taste
Mozzarella Cheese- 3 Tbsp

Method :

1. Heat Butter In A Pan.
2. Fry Beans,peas And Cauliflower.
3. Heat Water In Another Pan.
4. Cook Noodles With Spices.

For White Sauce :
1. Heat Oil In Another Pan.
2. Put Salt And Black Pepper.
3. Add Mozzarella Cheese And Mix All The Ingredients.
4. Now Put Fried Mixture And Noodles In The Pan.
5. Mix All The Ingredients Well.
6. Transfer The Mixture In Pre Greased Baking Dish.
7. Bake It At 220 Degree For 15 Minutes.
8. Ready To Serve.

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