Special Dosa

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1cup urad dal
1cup moong dal
2 1/2cup rice
1/2 cup poha
1/2 cup maida
1 tsp methi seeds

Soak all above ingredients for 6-8 hrs and grind to make soft paste and ferment for 8 hrs
(keep it in oven without any temperature on just to keep warm for better fermentation).

Make Dosa on a flat non-stick pan by heating pan and applying oil then pouring 2 tbl
spoon of this paste and spread to make it round and apply little oil on top and cover for
couple of second and then when the base become golden brown, turn it over to the other
side and flip it again other side and add Aloo Masala and roll it to serve a Special Masala


  1. it was very nice

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