Surul Kidarangai


Kidarangai – 5
Salt – 5 tbl sps
Turmeric Powder – 1 tsp

Kidarangai is like narthangai but smaller in size.

1. Wash kidarangai and dry over a cloth to remove excess moisture. Cut it in a circular manner continuously so that vegetable remains whole.
2. Stuff salt and turmeric powder in centre of the kidarangai, in between the gaps.
3. Put it in a dry jar. Shake well daily once.
4. After water oozes out from the kidarangai keep it under hot sun daily for 2 hours atleast for 3 consecutive days.
5. Whenever required take 1 whole kidarangai, cut into small pieces and then use.
6. This will be tastier than big narthangai as the skin is thinner than that. Good for health also.

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