Idiappam Recipe

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1 cup ordinary rice
1 cup parboiled rice
2 tbsp. oil
salt to taste


Wash and soak rice together overnight.
Grind together to a fine paste.
Keep aside for 5-6 hours.
Put into idli moulds and steam till cooked.
Use skewer test.
Grease a sev press. Place warm idli in it and press.
Press out sev in a 4″ circle. See that ends overlap.
Allow to cool a bit. Use greased palms and lift.
Place in a double walled colander or steamer to keep warm.
Serve hot with ghee and chutney, garnished with coconut and coriander.


Top with powdered sugar and ghee while serving.
Cool, break unevenly. Heat oil in a pan, add finely chopped chillies and onions, fry till tender, add sev, salt, lemon juice, coriander, grated coconut, and mix. Serve warm or cold.
Sun dry the idiappams till dry and crisp. Store and fry or steam when desired.
Will keep for a few weeks in dry form.

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