Soonth Ladoos

Published under: Pregnancy and Postnatal

Divide into: 20 parts
Aim: Overall recovery of body
Period: To be consumed daily for 20 days
250 gms. soonth powder
50 gms peepramul
250 gms coriander seed kernels crushed coarsely (dhana kuli)
7-1/2 cups almond powdered
7-1/2 cups dessicated coconut finely grated
7-1/2 cups jaggery grated coarsely
2-1/2 cups goondh powdered finely
2-1/2 cups goondh granules
10 cups ghee
5 tsp. wheat flour


Warm ghee, stir in wheatflour.
Add goondh granules, pop goondh as for ajwain.
Remove from ghee, keep aside.
Add jaggery to warm ghee, stir to melt only.
Add all other ingredients as follows, mix well. — dhana kuli, almond, coconut, goondh powder, popped goondh.
Shape into 20 ladoos
Consume one daily in breakfast
Note: This recipe should be followed on completion of ajwain halwa This is approximately on 7th day.

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