Ajwain Halwa

Published under: Pregnancy and Postnatal

Divide ingredients into: 6 parts
Period: 6 days either or morning or evening
400 gms. carom seed (ajwain) powder
1-1/2 cups edible gum (goondh) coarse granules
4 1/2 cups ghee
6 cups jaggery grated
3 tsp. wheat flour

Method for 1 part:

Heat 3/4 cup ghee, till warm.
Stir in 1/2 tsp. wheat flour and 1/4 cup gum granules.
Allow granules to pop, remove with perforated spoon, keep aside.
Add 1 cup jaggery, stir till melted, but not boiling.
Take off fire, stir in ajwain, add popped granules.
Mix well, transfer to small bowl, press down lightly.
Consume while warm.
Repeat the procedure for 6 days to finish all ingredients.
Note: One may prepare all, divide in six parts, warm slightly in microwave, each day, just before using.

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