Cappuccino Recipe

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½ coffee cup of water
2-3 level tbsp freshly ground coffee
1½ coffee cups of skimmed milk
chocolate powder, to garnish

1. Pour the water into the base of the stove-top espresso maker. Then pack the freshly ground coffee into the filter using the back of a spoon. The amount you use really depends on the strength of the coffee beans. Screw on the top and place on the hob over a medium heat.

2. While the espresso is brewing, heat the milk to just below boiling point. Skimmed milk is the best to use as it holds its froth for longer because of the lower fat content. Once the milk is hot, froth the milk. Place the milk in a large cafetière and pump the plunger 10-15 times until you have plenty of froth – approximately half froth and half milk.

3. Pour the espresso into warm cups, then, using a large spoon to hold back the froth, pour the milk into the cups. Top with the froth, leaving a visible brown rim around the edge for an authentic look. Sprinkle with the chocolate.

4. The best cappuccino should be one third espresso, one third milk and one third froth. You’ll find the more you make them, the better they’ll become.

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