Low Cal Pineapple Salad Sandwich Recipe

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Brown Bread Slices 4 no
Sandwich filling 100 gm
Leaf lettuce 2 no.

For Sandwich Filling
Pineapple, peeled and diced (or tinned) 100 gm (½ cup)
Carrot, peeled, diced and blanched 50 gm
Green peas, shelled and blanched 50 gm
Beans, diced and blanched 50 gm
Tomato deseeded and diced 50 gm
Low Fat Cream 100 ml (½ cup)
Low Fat yogurt, whisked 30 gm (2 tbsp)
English Mustard 5 gm (2 tsp)
Sugar powdered 5 gm (2 tsp)
Salt 1 gm
Pepper Powder a Pinch


In a bowl whisk together yogurt and cream into a smooth mixture.
Add English Mustard sauce, Sugar, salt and pepper and blend to mix well.
Add the mixture to the vegetables and toss to coat the vegetables well with the mixture, Keep aside in a refrigerator to chill.
Divide the mixture in 2 equal parts.
Remove the crust, toast the bread in warmer or griller for a minute on each side. Arrange 2 slices of bread as base, and top each slice with portion of sandwich filling and spread evenly.
Place leaf lettuce on top of the filling and close the sandwich with remaining bread slices.
Cut each sandwich into half and serve with ketchup or mayonnaise and accompanied with chips or French fries.

No. of portion: 04

Chef Tip: To make it interesting one can add Chopped Fresh strawberries in it.

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