Ice Cream

Tutti Frutti Ice Cream


Vanilla Ice Cream – 6 scoops
Mixed Fruit Jam – 6 tblsp
Sweetened Mixed Fruits – 8 tblsp, chopped
Mixed Nuts – 6 tblsp, lightly fried and chopped
Whipped Cream

1. Add 2 tblsp of mixed fruits to the bottom of a tall glass.
2. Add a scoop of ice cream and add 1 tblsp of jam over the ice cream.
3. Add 1 tblsp of nuts.
4. Add another layer of mixed fruits, ice cream jam and nuts.
5. Garnish with the whipped cream.
6. Serve at once.

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  1. Tirthankar Paul

    Good & easy to prepare

  2. Tirthankar Paul

    Good & easy to prepare

  3. Tirthankar Paul


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