Ellu (Sesame) Laddu

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A healthy laddu with white sesame seeds.
sesame laddu - Ellu (Sesame) Laddu

White Sesame Seeds (Ellu) – 125 gms
Jaggery – 250 gms
Cardamoms – 5

1. Heat a pan of water over medium flame.
2. Add the jaggery and stir well until fully dissolved.
3. Strain the liquid and place it over medium flame again.
4. When it starts to thicken and has a one string consistency, add the sesame seeds and cardamoms.
5. Remove from flame and make small balls of the mixture.
6. Keep them aside on a clean plate to harden.
7. Store in an airtight container.

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  1. The ratio of sesame seeds and jaggery has to be 250gmsand 125gms.

    • Praveen Kumar

      Hi Sarasa,
      Since we are straining the jaggery and then thickening it, the jaggery quantity is 2 times the sesame seeds.

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